Vignette-Noelle Lammott has been teaching music and dance to children for about sixteen years. She was classically trained at Idyllwild Arts Academy. As a child she performed and later taught at the Youth Academy of Dramatic Art in Los Angeles, is a vocal alum of Berklee College of Music and taught most recently at Eastern Point Day School, where she held the role of theatrical director.
"I feel very deeply that teaching children to sing and express themselves is not just my passion, but my purpose. By communicating freely with the voice, face, and body, I believe children learn to express ideas with confidence, empathize with others from different cultures and backgrounds, and feel at home in their own skin." 
MAX is a little school of the arts by the sea... but it is so much more. It is a philosophy that ART in all of its forms MATTERS. Our children matter, and when we enrich their lives with art, we are inspiring the creativity and confidence of the next generation of global citizens.